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A motivational speech to constructively influence yourself and your surroundings at work, through communication techniques and other effective methods.



This speech is only available in English!

Motivationstrainer Michael Altenhofer für die Borealis Group in Helsinki



Members of staff from varying departments always have different strengths and weaknesses. From this, disparity stems in communication. These various communication strategies often lead to difficulties in working together. Exhausting conflicts and unproductiveness are the result.


This speech shows ways in which one can best solve these conflicts, how to avoid them in the future and even how to draw energy and motivation from day to day communications to achieve your goals!


Furthermore, the participants learn how to ease challenging tasks, difficult talks and other demanding events, through thought processes, which could then in turn be more lucrative.


 This speech is a major boost for productivity and constructiveness in a company!




·         Conflict avoidance and confidence through 3 magic words

·         The best way to give praise and criticism

·         An intellectual game for a constructive talk

·         Self influence as a motivational factor for oneself and others

·         The power of imagination for solution finding


Setting: Motivational, funny and interactive


Duration: 45 minutes


Events: Team development and management meetings with an international audience

english Interview During a conference in helsinki

the three magic words

praise and criticism

a further idea for a better communication

Feedback Borealis Group

"Michael Altenhofer hat uns bei unserer jährlichen Konferenz der europäischen Betriebsräte unterstützt und mit professionellem Enthusiasmus und mitreißender Energie zwei englische Vorträge zum Thema "Do it Now" gehalten, die sehr zu anregenden Diskussionen in anschließenden Workshops beigetragen haben. Das Feedback der Teilnehmer war sehr positiv und die konkreten Vorschläge wurden später zahlreich zitiert und als positive Beispiele herangezogen. Herzlichen Dank!"


Kerstin Artenberg 

 (Vice President Human Resources & Communications, Borealis Group)